Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mass Effect 2 charms the critics

So the reviews are in for Mass Effect 2 and the game managed to charm critics.

According to EA the game won aclaim across both the Xbox and PC platforms.

This includes perfect scores from 360 Magazine (5/5), Destructoid (10/10), Eurogamer (10/10), Eurogamer Italy (10/10), Eurogamer Spain (10/10), G4 TV (5/5), Game Daily (10/10), (5/5), GamesRadar (10/10), gamesTM (10/10), Official Xbox Magazine UK (10/10), TeamXbox (10/10), Total PC Gaming (10/10), (10/10) and X360 Magazine (10/10). Time Magazine says Mass Effect 2 is “the Avatar of video games – except it’s better written”, and says “Mass Effect 2 sets the bar high for 2010.”

The rave reviews earned Mass Effect 2 the second highest rated game of all time for the Xbox.

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