Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Command and Conquer 4 beta going public!

Would be generals and tacticians should be preparing for the long awaited beta of Command and Conquer 4!

Starting at 9AM PST, EA is creating and alliance with Gamespot, to open the Command & Conquer 4 Beta to the public. Joining is reportedly simple, interested warhawks need to head over to Command and Conquers beta page and do the following;

Log in to your free GameSpot account, or register for one.

Once you are logged in, you will see registration fields already populated for you, based on your GS profile. Just hit Submit.

The page now includes new information, including your key (the URL), and instructions on what to do.

There is no reregistering if the beta keys run out. EA and Gamepsot are promising to track of everyone and hand out the keys in the orders players registered. After the initial disbursement, additional keys are reportedly going to be handed out everyday.

The beta will be testing the 5 v 5 multiplayer part of the game.

Because we apparently live in the age of pre-order specials, Command and Conquer 4 will offer access to our exclusive prequel bonus mission "Night Moves", the official C&C 4 soundtrack, and a personal autographed headshot of the Messiah, Kane!

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