Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ea continues to woo PC gamers

With PC gamers still warm from the great big group hug the other day with DICE developers and their obvious love shown in the upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company, EA is becoming the game company that keeps on giving.

Long considered a nasty word among die hard gamers, EA seems to be on a campaign to win back the hearts of the PC crowd. Tweets have brought smiles as it was revealed by EA Community Manager Matthew Pruitt promising an electronic makeover for the Medal of Honor series.

To take the creaky title into the gaming of tomorrow, not one but two gaming engines will be used. And it appears EA likes the one-two punch with not one but two teams working hard to deliver the singleplayer and multiplayer aspects of the game.

Its hard to not smile while reading this.

The singleplayer portion of the game will be handled by EA's internal LA team and will use a heavily modified Unreal Engine 3. The multiplayer on the other hand is being put together by DICE and will be built using the game developer's Frostbite engine.

This last engine is the same one being used for Battlefield: Bad Company.

For those worried about more of the same, DICE president Patrick Bach says thats not necessarily the case

"We're using the Frostbite engine and it's amazing to see how it can build a completely different experience," he said.

Medal of Honor is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2010 and battles its way out of the World War Two era and into modern conflicts in the Middle East. The promotional videos give a Green Beret Special Forces feel with the featured characters wearing the long beards and casual combat uniforms.

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