Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good year, wait bad year...but then again....

Is PC gaming going to start the new year off to a rough start?

According to Bit-Tech, Steam's sales are bopping along with no big surprises. Star Trek Online is following in the neutron trail of its sci-fi franchise predecessor Star Wars' Galaxies by (some would say blindly) bringing in the fans. Modern Warfare 2 still shooting up the sales along with fan favorite Left 4 Dead 2.

The charts;

1.  Star Trek: Online
2.  Star Trek: Online Digital Deluxe Edition
3.  Modern Warfare 2
4.  Global Agenda
5.  Left 4 Dead 2
6.  Borderlands
7. Wings of Prey
8. Dragon Age: Origins
9. Torchlight
10 Mass Effect (I think there was a typo on this one and should read 'Mass Effect 2')

Everything seems fine, right?

Yet over at Gamespot the news is analyists aren't happy with how the games finished up 2009, 'The NPD Group won't release its December US game sales figures until Thursday, but Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter is expecting the research firm to leave a lump of coal in the industry's collective stocking. In a note to investors, Pachter predicted that the NPD Group's figures would show December gaming software sales down 12 percent year-over-year to $2.45 billion.'

Interestingly, I connected these dots right after posting the previous entry that has an online gaming company predicting 2010 is the year PC gaming would take the fight to the consoles.

Aren't opinions funny?

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