Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ghost Recon gearing up for another appearance

Just as tactical first person shooter fans were in mid air jumping for joy over the idea there would be another Ghost Recon game, they all surely wondered if the upcoming release will retain the PC traits it had managed to hang onto over the last few incarnations.

The first inklings of a new game came when it was reported Ubisoft had trademarked a new Ghost Recon title. Then on Friday January 15th, the company confirmed the existence of a new Ghost Recon game.

But with game developers choosing sizzle over substance such as exciting but linear gameplay, allowing the player to heal up with resting and changing to a third person view during the game, could what made the Ghost Recon franchise so popular among PC gamers go the way of Rainbow Six.

Rainbow Six went from a game wthat encouraged careful planning which could be staged with 'go' codes under a hail of deadly, lethal enemy accuracy. The lastest versions have third-person views when taking cover and the ability to heal up by resting away from enemy fire.

The good news is mingling with caution for PC FPS fans. While Ubisoft places the value of Ghost Recon among its hottest current commodities, it is also looking to generate buzz among gamers.

"The evolution of Ghost Recon will bring a completely new and fresh approach to the shooter genre," Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said, "The title is so impressive, it has the potential to rival Assassin's Creed as our biggest game of fiscal year '11."

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