Monday, January 18, 2010

America's Army and the counterattack

America's Army isn't without its critics and detractors.

The critics range from those that think its wrong for the American military to entice young gamers into the army with a video game to those who feel its wasteful spending by the military.

The detractors don't like the quality or gameplay of the latest version America's Army 3.

The bottom line answer to all of these is - its just a free video game. Don't make it out to be more than that.

The beauty for us strategic First Person Shooter fans is we have a free game that gives an online community and place to hang out with mature gamers were teamwork is rewarded and the spamming found in other online games is nearly non-existent.

After the hiccup which was the release of AA3 last June it appears that the latest development team is making a counter-assault on the gaming community to bring the title back to its former glory. They've created a Youtube channel which features some map and weapon walkthroughs.

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