Monday, January 25, 2010

DICE loves PC Gamers...and they're not afraid to say so

As much as Infinity Ward pushed away PC gamers with their development considerations, DICE is opening up their arms full of presents with theirs.

Not only are they promising the full flexibility with the multiplayer component, but have only just revealed a single player campaign for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Continuing the love-fest for PC Gamers, senior producer Patrick Bach spoke about a dedicated team of game developers for the PC version of the hotly anticipated first person shooter.

Just released on the website tonight, in an interview with Gamespot UK Bach seemed excited about the host of gaming treasures coming to the PC.

Acknowledging Battlefield's heritage with PC gaming, a full blown computer version was promised along with more players in mutliplayer, rendering features which couldn't be done on the consoles as well as 3D features thanks to Nvidia.

Call it a backhanded dig, but developer Patrick Bach said, "We want to treat the PC player with respect because of our long heritage with PC Gaming."

Oddly enough, the footage used during the entire interview came from a console version of the game.

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