Monday, February 08, 2010

Loveless relationships (Mass Effect 2 Spoilers)

Anyone who has glanced at this blog may know I never played the original Mass Effect until about a month before the much hyped release of the sequel Mass Effect 2. The original idea was to see if I liked the RPG/action feel of the game leaving time to buy ME2.

Somewhere between the period where I was still looking for my happy place in ME and the amazing trailers for ME2, bang (!) I found myself as the new an improved Sheppard in an updated Normandy the day the sequel's release.

And I'm still not finding my groove.

Sure I've flirted with the ladies, got drunk with the Doc and even shook my thing with some strange alien in a run-down mining colony, but the game hasn't lit the passions yet. Even while playing the game, in the back of my mind, I'm trying to reason why the game jasn't kicked in for this old gamer.

It's certainly not from lazy game development. The graphics look amazing, the design of the game appears incredibly open-ended and enough people are raving about it in the various forums.

Maybe its the little things that lose any possible passion for me. Navigating across the galaxies feels like playing a prettier version of asteriods, but instead of a limitless triangle I'm piloting a fuel hungry spaceship. When seeing the galaxy map for the first few times, I wondered why they had fuel depots everywhere. Although I don't remember Sulu pulling over for gas every other trip or seeing fuel canisters bungied to the Milennium Falcon, The Normandy is obviously a thirsty beast.

When I visited the crash site of the original Normandy, collecting dog tags reminded me of Gears of War, just a lot more boring. There was definitely the idea of a very moving mission, but it was lost in the presentation.

Flirting is fun, that is until you run out of the conversation tree and then your left with the stiff, "I'd better be going" from Sheppard, that smooth talking devil.

While inventory and character maintenance seemed intimidating in the first game, I keep looking for more options in the sequel with this horrible feeling I'm missing something.

The wonderful moments are enough to keep me coming back for one more shot though. Having the room tilting after I finished drinking with the doc made me laugh out loud. Getting slipped a mickey at the bar was a funny surprise. Who knew I'd waste the bartender though.

The story certainly is intriguing to warrant roaming through a few more galaxies. I just have to make sure I have enough gas.

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