Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Crysis 2 previews

Game developers just need to stop. Seriously.

They just need to slow down with releasing one quality game after another.

I'm not alone when I either decide to play through a game just before the next title in the series is released. However, it may be a more unique situation with my limited gameplaying time to find myself facing the release of a much anticipated title to only realize I never got around to playing the game before it.

Happened with Mass Effect 2 as well as Modern Warfare 2, and the list goes on in its long and illustrious fashion.

Now its Crysis 2.

I was all over Far Cry as it came out in the days of having more time for gaming. Crysis though, didn't get around too. Messed around the the beta, never got to the full fledged game.

But with the news this morning that there will be a new Nanosuit (2.0 no less), which adds a new 'tactics' mode to the skills roster with 'power' and 'speed' modes being combined its time to look in the cyber bargain bins.

Leaving behind the jungle and being set in a destroyed metropolis setting allows Crytek to introduce more vertical gameplay to the game, encouraging players to plan their attacks from above.

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