Saturday, March 27, 2010

Peculiar paradigms

Even as the PC gaming industry seemingly conspires to drive me from enjoying the latest titles on my computer, an unexpected and unrelated turn of events has earned admiration for the same said developers.

PC gamers have watched in disbelief as intrusive DRM insists on a constant Internet connection to play a single player option. We've sat stunned as developers took a classic title such as Command and Conquer and dumbed it down to the latest flavor of the month. On screen indicators hold the hand of players and power ups not only make the challenges easier, but give that sense of achievement game developers obviously feel we have missing from our lives.

Meanwhile, traditional PC gamers are left feeling robbed of a games value and even worse, the very reason to buy a title, the challenge.

It's with this backdrop the memo comes down with a 'firm' request I get an IPhone for work. Connectivity improves productivity they say.

The gaming silver lining came with this stormy cellphone cloud when I found some familiar sounding titles in Apples App store.

Assassins Creed? Brothers in Arms? On a phone?

Having been disappointed with the $8 games bought in the past for my Blackberry, I tried not to get my hopes up. After all, these games were much less, so how good could they be?

Exceptional actually. Assassins Creed is really fun, great graphics for a phone game. Sonic the Hedgehog takes me back to my Sega owning days with the same playability programmed perfectly.

It's still in the early days yet, but things look good. Of course it's tough to find the time to test all these games.

After all it is a work phone (wink).

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